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Maxi Taxi Service Melbourne

Northern Taxi’s Maxi Taxi Service in Melbourne offers spacious and comfortable travel solutions for larger groups. Whether it’s for family outings, corporate events, or group tours, our fleet includes the latest Maxi Cabs that accommodate up to 11 passengers with ease.

Enjoy ample space for everyone, along with their luggage, while you travel across Melbourne. Our Maxi Taxis are perfect for ensuring that your group travels together in comfort, making every journey enjoyable and hassle-free.


Opt for Northern Taxi when you need reliable Maxi Taxi Service in Melbourne. Our large taxis are ideal for accommodating bigger groups, ensuring everyone travels together in comfort. We pride ourselves on punctuality, exceptional service, and the cleanliness of our vehicles.

Each Maxi Cab is equipped to provide a smooth and secure ride, making it perfect for family reunions, corporate outings, or group tours. Choose us for your transportation needs and experience why we are a preferred choice for Maxi Cab services in Melbourne.


Clients frequently praise our Maxi Taxi Service in Melbourne for its reliability and convenience. They appreciate the extra space and comfort our Maxi Cabs provide, especially when traveling in larger groups. Feedback often highlights the friendliness and professionalism of our drivers, as well as the efficiency of our service, which ensures timely arrivals for events and appointments.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and the versatility of our fleet make us highly recommended for anyone needing dependable large group transportation.


Anyone needing transportation for larger groups should consider Northern Taxi’s Maxi Taxi Service in Melbourne. Ideal for family gatherings, tourist groups, corporate teams, or sports teams, our Maxi Cabs offer a convenient and comfortable way to travel together.

With vehicles like our 11 Seater Taxi, you can ensure that no one has to split up into multiple cars, making logistics much simpler and trips more enjoyable. This service is perfect for anyone looking to streamline their group travel plans.


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