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Wheelchair Taxi Melbourne

Northern Taxi is committed to accessibility with our dedicated Wheelchair Taxi service in Melbourne. Our vehicles are specifically designed with wheelchair users in mind, featuring ramps and secure fittings to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

We strive to provide independence and convenience for those with mobility challenges, allowing easy travel across the city. Trust us to deliver a reliable service that meets your accessibility needs, whether it’s for daily commutes, medical appointments, or leisure outings.


Northern Taxi stands out as the premier provider of Wheelchair Taxi services in Melbourne. Our accessible taxis are equipped with the latest features to ensure safety, comfort, and ease of access. We train our drivers extensively to handle all aspects of wheelchair transport with care and professionalism.

Committed to inclusivity, we ensure that each trip is hassle-free, providing the dignity and respect that all passengers deserve. Choose Northern Taxi for dependable, compassionate service that prioritizes your comfort and mobility.


Our clients highly value Northern Taxi’s Wheelchair Taxi service, often noting the respect and empathy displayed by our drivers. Many testimonials reflect appreciation for our dependable and accessible transportation solutions, emphasizing the comfort and safety of the rides.

Customers express gratitude for the ease of booking and the freedom our services offer, allowing them to travel throughout Melbourne without barriers. Our commitment to enhancing mobility and accessibility consistently earns praise from those we serve.


Northern Taxi’s Wheelchair Taxi service is designed for individuals who use wheelchairs and require a safe, reliable method of transportation in Melbourne. It is ideal for those with mobility impairments, the elderly, or anyone needing assistance when traveling. Our service is also a valuable resource for healthcare facilities, rehabilitation centers, and community groups that support individuals with disabilities.

We ensure that every journey is comfortable and tailored to meet the unique needs of our passengers, providing them with the freedom to move around the city with ease.


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